Vintage Diagnostics

This 24 year-old BMW had no DLC or OBD. That’s the way we were.

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Automotive Polygamy

Why it’s a good idea to look the whole vehicle over before going crazy with high-tech diagnosis.

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About Subaru Water Pumps

No matter how well made, every engine, even those from Subaru, will need a coolant circulator sooner or later.

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The Missing Mini

No, this is not a mystery about a Mini that has gone missing. This car had been off the road for a year’s storage in a body shop. When it came time to return the vehicle to the customer, it had an illuminated MIL and a misfiring cylinder.

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No Clutch Command

When our man John encounters conflicting pin and wire color information, he does the twist – A complaint of no A/C compressor engagement on a 2008 Nissan Altima with a 2.5L engine.

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Mercedes-Benz Pneumatic Door Locks

A whole different method of implementing a convenience feature.

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Lean Is Mean

We often make fun of them: Techs who use the scan tool to tell them what part to replace. We must admit that sometimes, for the sake of expediency, we do the same thing. Let’s not get caught in that trap on a Toyota with a lean condition.

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Prius Inverter Cooling

The Prius uses an independent cooling system to cool the inverter and Motor/Generator. In warm weather, problems with the inverter cooling system are fairly common in both the Gen 1 Prius (2001-2003), and Gen 2 Prius (2004-2009).

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Nitrous Oxide Injection Systems

Bottles and spray may not suit the masses, but they can bring additional sales from a surprising array of customers.

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Sometimes Cats Get Stuck In Park

Before a Jaguar can be cat-quick, it must get out of park. With sophisticated electronics these days there must be coordination among shifter modules and transmission range switches. Let’s look at this S-Type and see what’s involved.

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